Saturday, May 28, 2011

Progress.... Slowly

I'm slowly working towards progress.... slowly slowly.

The boyfriend has been watching ebay like a hawk, trying to snipe the best deals on Lizardmen figures he can find. He's not too shabby at it actually! It seems to be the best place to try and get figures for the least expensive amount possible. He scooped up a Stegadon for me (Wanted sooooo bad) and around 25ish Skinks. Mr. Steg came today and is sitting in his box, taunting me with both his not-put-together-ness and his really-complicated-ness. But the biggest surprise was the skinks-

Howdy! I'm 14 years old!

Turns out the skinks we procured are in fact the old style Skink from 1997ish. I'm somewhat at a loss about them... I love the fact that it's all one piece, no tiny arms to snap off, much less glue on in the first place! Love the bows, although the new rules have them using either blowguns or javelins and shields. But I dislike the lack of details in them as well. I mean, they look nice, just not as nice as the newer skink models. Ah well, skinks for cheap, and they'll add a bit of variety to my army as well, even if it's probably not 'tournament legal'.

Speaking of Skinks...

Here's a partially painted skink. He's the most completed of the bunch, the others are in varying levels of painted-ness. He was painted to test the flesh color scheme which I decided to go with, so all his armor and weapons are still undone.

Similar situation with this Cold One, although he's the only painted figure. He took a great deal of time to paint, and he was just a tester @-@;;;...

I also carved and painted this rock wall today- got a massive sheet of foam board to use as a table to play on. We needed something we could take apart and store out of the way. Have about 2 feet cut off the end of it to use for terrain making purposes so I thought I'd try my hand at it. I'm very pleased with the results!


Friday, May 20, 2011

An introduction of sorts...

I didn't want to like it. I honestly didn't! It was silly- a waste of money... Oooh a LOT of money really. All those little plastic figures? Expensive suckers. The boyfriend was all excited, spent a ton, bought some wood elves. I resisted.

Then he showed me the Lizardmen Battalion.

"But you like dinosaurs!" He said.

I eyed the box and it's $80 price tag.

"I -do- like dinosaurs..." I reluctantly admitted.

"These are dinosaurs... riding on dinosaurs." He said.

I snatched the box from his hand. "Sold!"

Lets paint some Lizardmen!